Hi, I’m Yonah Goethals.

I Help Businesses Increase Sales, Boost Their Profits and Build a Winning Marketing Strategy.


Marketing Strategy

It makes no sense to invest in random actions without a plan to bring them together. We are specialised in creating an award winning strategy where every action has a cross-fertilisation function and adds to the growing eco-system we create. This way you can lean on a beautiful synergy where we set you up grow in the years to come by nurturing what has been planted.

Email Marketing, Storytelling & Copywriting

We write words that spark credibility, conversations, clicks. Writing in an authentic fashion is important since everyone is bombarded with cheap pushy copy everyday. We are natural storytellers and help you tell your story to your customers by writing copy that connects and converts.

Press & Publicity

Credibility moves the needle. In this day and age it is more than ever important how you are perceived. Credibility will help attract new deals, scale your business and establish your brand. Press is wonderful way to boost your credibility and position yourself as industry leader. If used correctly it can also lead to amazing strategic partnerships.

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